Why Outsource Content Writing And How You Can Do It


You must be aware of the content writing phenomenon and hiring an outside agency to do the job is the best choice. Also, you may know the importance of digital marketing and how it is increasing. Therefore, companies are also starting to realize the importance of flawless content for their businesses.

Nowadays, companies are starting to invest in more resources. It naturally led to an increase in competition. Therefore, to fill the demand, content writing agencies came into the market.

Currently, large companies have a content writing agency on retainer. So, if you want to learn why anyone should outsource content writing to an agency, the answer is your competitor does it. Therefore, it would be best for your business if you do it better. Also, there are many advantages when you outsource content writing.   

Why Is Outsourcing Content Writing Important?

Some of the main benefits that will convince you to start outsourcing content creation are as below:

You, Will, Get The Best Content

You may be best at doing business, but that does not necessarily mean that you can match the level of a professional writer to write about it. Outsourcing writing tasks to a skilled writer will help you get professionally written content. Therefore, you can easily use it to inform, persuade, and entice your audience without any hassle.

External Writers Provide Fresh Insights

It becomes a significant advantage when you have someone who can look at your business from a different perspective. When you are deeply busy with your business, you can easily miss possible angles of your business. Therefore, when you have someone who can look into your business, he will provide you with different tips for your company.

Moreover, knowledgeable writers are best in researching and benchmarking. They also look at your competitors and write content that will highlight the critical competitive benefits of your business.

Furthermore, when you are in a technical industry, outside writers may help you create more approachable content. Professional writers can write about all the fantastic features of your business while using more straightforward terms.

Take Advantage Of The Writer’s Expertise

The majority of freelance writers have the best knowledge about digital marketing and SEO techniques. Therefore, you can use their expertise for your business. They can convey the correct message that you want to give to your audience. Moreover, they can help you in optimizing your content. It helps in getting better placements in search engine result pages.

Publish New Content Consistently

Consistency is a crucial aspect of everything, especially content marketing. If you publish a few blog posts infrequently, it will never improve your search engine rankings. Also, it won’t be enough to drive significant traffic to your website. Therefore, you need to be consistent with the blogs.

To be consistent, you need professional writers who will give all their time to create the perfect content for you. Outsourcing content to writers is the only way to ensure that you are maintaining the content production level.

Time Efficient

Businessmen know the value of time. They easily get overwhelmed with a list of never-ending tasks. Therefore, time is the most crucial resource for him. Also, creating content for any business is hard and consumes a lot of time. When you pass this tedious task to someone expert, it gives you more time to focus on more tactical tasks. It will lead to the growth of your business as you are only concentrating on your job. Also, someone else is writing the best content for your business.

Better Conversion Rates

Outsourcing content writing aims to increase traffic flow and improve your conversion rates. Proficient writers know how to write for the audience they are targeting. They attack valuable audiences instead of generalizing. Outsourcing the writing will improve customer interaction and bring more eyes to the products.

Types Of Content You Can Outsource

To maintain excellent communication and provide the best value of your business to your audience, you can use writers for different channels. Some of them are as below:

  • Blog Articles
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Content
  • Advertising Copy

Find How To Outsource Quality Writers

Outsourcing content creation is essential for every business. Here is a simple and practical framework that will help you to start the outsourcing process:

Post Your Job

Several websites are present where you can easily outsource writing services. The services provide you with content writers. For example, you can appoint editors, graphic artists, web designers, and many more. However, communication and payment vary from website to website.

Also, how you describe your job post will determine the quality of the applications you obtain. You have to write a specific post for writers in a particular position. Also, a job posting must include:

  • A summary of the topic
  • A specific number of jobs
  • Budget
  • Detailed guidelines 
  • Ask for samples or any other information you need
  • Need a cover letter

Screen Applicants

You need to scroll through the applicants you get. Find out their job success, rate, and all other information that concerns the post. Also, read the cover letter and samples of each writer. The cover letter can rapidly tell you a lot about an applicant.

Furthermore, you need to check the writing and grammar in the cover letter. Also, you need to find out whether the writers are following the instructions. 

Interview Writers

Choose one or more applicants that seem to be a good fit. Contact them directly. You can send them a list of interview questions and ask them to reply in writing. In this way, you can also check whether their report is grammatically perfect or not.

You can also ask questions to find out more about the writer. You need to find out about their comfort level with types, length, topics of content, and much more. Also, find out their process for researching unacquainted issues and ensuring their accuracy.

Furthermore, you have to determine how much work they can take on and whether they can perform additional tasks. Also, make sure that you set a deadline for responses. The deadline will help you review everything simultaneously, and you won’t have to wait around.

Select Writers

You need to review the responses and select the writer or writers you like best. Moreover, you may not receive any candidate you want when you post a job. Therefore, you need to wait for a few days and post again to get the candidates you need.

Assign Work To Writers

After selecting applicants, it is time to send an assignment. You need to check the details of their work. You need to provide more guidance to find out your writer’s abilities. Also, you need to plan your content and identify keywords and topics.

Create a writer assignment document template to save your time. Each time you have to assign something to the writer, drop the template with new details and additional instructions.

Review Work

The first pass of an assignment needs to go through you, your marketing director, or your team. Also, a person or a group responsible for the company’s online content needs to check it. First, you need to check the overall quality of the content. Check the following things for review work:

  • Whether the writer has followed all instructions?
  • Is the data complete and accurate?
  • Does it tie your brand’s tone and style?

After checking, you have to let them know how they did it. If you want to make some variations, ask them to change them.

Difficulties You May Face In Outsourcing Content Writing

Some common bottlenecks make the outsourcing process difficult and ineffective. Some of them are as below with their prevention:

Absence Of Understanding The Brand Voice And Business Values

To prevent it:

  • Make a brand style guide
  • Share some examples
  • Use your in-house team to review the content

Selecting Topics And Content Tasks

To prevent it:

  • Start with the product value and target your clients
  • Define 5-10 pillar topics and make sure the pillar topics are popular for online search history
  • Expand your topic list on discovered pillar topics

Completing Paperwork

For prevention, use content marketplaces as they have standard terms of service placed on their site.

Additional Tips For Outsource Content Writing

Here are a few more tips that you should keep in your mind to get it all rolling:

  • Stay organized
  • Don’t get easily frustrated
  • Give proper references


Good business owners know the value of content marketing. However, they find content creation tedious and time-consuming. It is because it is the hardest part of inbound marketing. However, you can get a writer for the writing work who knows the correct methods and processes.

It will help in the growth of your business and will save you precious time. Hopefully, this article inspires you to outsource content writing.